Our Story

Little Red Organic non-gmo chicken
Little Red, all grown up!


Little Red Organics resides on a 20-acre farmstead in Free Soil, Michigan. Our desire to live with purpose, health and honesty inspires not only our livelihood, but also the regard we have for the land, animals and people that make up life on the farm.

Kate, John and LailaJohn has been growing vegetables since 2003, and ran a successful market garden/CSA farm for nine years before heading north to the Michigan coast.

Kate started farming in Vermont in 2008 and worked at farms across the country before settling down in Michigan to start Little Red .

Certified Organic FarmWe use only National Organic Program approved methods and applications on our vegetable, fruit and flower crops.  Our animals receive plenty of room to roam and ample access to fresh pasture; we supplement their forage with non-GMO feeds. Our meat is processed in USDA-inspected facilities.

Who Is Little Red?

We decided to use Joel Salatin’s pastured poultry boxes in our first year of chicken production. The pens are moved daily to allow the birds fresh forage, and it takes time for the chickens to learn the routine. One particular chicken got a foot stuck under the moving wooden box and sustained a leg injury. Kate kept him apart from the group for several days for safety, and it became clear his leg would not heal quickly – or maybe at all. In time the young rooster became something of a pet, hopping around the yard on one foot and growing into a beautiful red rooster. Little Red, as he was known by then, joined the laying hen flock, and found a reason to exercise his injured leg. Today, with only a little limp, he enjoys 5 a.m. crowing and coop life, and reminds us of the resiliency of nature. [We are no longer in the business of raising meat chickens. . . The state of Michigan is too restrictive, requiring a FDA processor to sell at farmers markets. . . The only (good) FDA approved processor is on the other side of the state. . . the local market for non-gmo chicken at a profitable price is too small, even at 4.25 a lb we cannot sell enough birds to make the enterprise worth the effort since there is no economy of scale]


We like to barter! Positions are available for our main season, June-September. We’re looking for folks who can wash/bag/pack veggies or who have an interest in helping out at a farmers’ market in exchange for a CSA share. Best suited for those who can make a commitment of several weeks.

We offer internships and employment on the farm for serious individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the practices, systems and ups and downs of a small diversified farm. Please contact us with your interest, a little about yourself and your farming goals.

Nearby Landmarks

We are centrally located to Pentwater, Scottville, Ludington, and Manistee Michigan.  Nearby landmarks include Ludington State Park, Hamlin Lake, Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, Forest Trail Beach, Manistee National Forest, the Little Manistee River, Gun Lake, Pine River, North Country Trail, Big M, Udell Hills.