Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a social and agricultural movement that encourages small farm preservation and profitability by directly linking local growers with local community members.

A CSA works like this: In the early spring, interested community members sign up for a subscription to share the farm’s harvest during the growing season. They pay in advance which supports their farmer and reserves their share of freshly harvested farm produce. Members receive weekly boxes with a wide variety of organic vegetables.

When, Where & How does CSA happen?

We deliver on Thursdays from mid-June to late September – 16 weeks in all. We also have a less formal, a la carte Fall CSA that begins in October.  We currently deliver to Pentwater, Free Soil, Ludington, and Manistee. This year we are offering a fully customizable CSA subscription that our members can manage through a simple online platform. 

We offer three vegetable subscription sizes:
  • The Sauble River feeds 1-3 people and includes 4-7 items each week
  • The Forest Trail feeds 2-5 people and includes 6-10 items each week
  • The Nordhouse Dunes feeds a large family or a couple of very heavy veggie eaters and includes 12-16 items each week

All subscriptions have access to the new webstore where they can add items from our farm and other producers for an additional cost.

Subscription Options:
  • Weekly Flowers : An 8-week delivery of the freshest, prettiest flowers in Mason County. One large bouquet per week from July 20 – Sept. 7 
  • Bi-Weekly Flowers : Every other week delivery of the freshest, prettiest flowers in Mason County. One large bouquet per week from July 27 – Sept. 7 (4 deliveries total)
  • Fall Share : Our fall share continues with weekly veggies through Thanksgiving and includes storage veggies.  No commitment or subscription is required, and anyone can order each week.

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Can I order a box for just one week?

Yes!  You can buy a box for just one or multiple weeks.  This program is directed towards those who are on the Lakeshore for short periods of time or locals who cannot make a season-long commitment. While it is possible to order veggies week-by-week, CSA members receive the best deal for their dollars, first choice of the best produce around AND our undying gratitude!

All online?

Yes! This year we are offering a fully customizable CSA subscription that our members can manage through a simple online platform. For full season subscriptions, we offer flexible payment plans!  

What other farms products do you offer?

We are currently in discussions with a number of producers.  No promises!

  • Kandyland Dairy, Scottville, goat milk and cheese
  • FunGi For the People, Pentwater, artisan mushrooms
  • Mycopia Inc, Scottville, Certified Organic mushrooms
  • Shady Side Farm, Certified Organic dry beans
  • Seeking a non-gmo egg producer
  • Seeking certified/uncertified fruit producers
  • Honey, Maple Syrup
What do you grow?  

 We grow a ton of different stuff.  Lettuce, garlic, onions, shallots, spinach, kale, cauliflower, romanesco, heirloom tomatoes…..50 different vegetable crops in all.  New stuff for 2017?  We are not making any promises, but here are our new crops for 2017:  Artichokes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, ginger!, and expanded greenhouse tomatoes and seedless European style cucumbers.  

Oh no! Your CSA has already started.. Can I still join?

Yes! Members can sign up anytime. The share price will be prorated based on cost per week. 

What if I go on vacation?

It’s always okay to send a friend/relative to pick up your share! “Share” the veggie love!

If you find there’s just no way to find a substitute, we do offer each member one vacation week. The unused dollars for the missed date will stay in your account, to be spent in the webstore at a later date! (Vacation dates must be arranged via email at least 7 days ahead!)

Is an internet connection and email required to use your system?

It’s very helpful! We can accommodate those without an internet connection or email on full season shares. We do require that you use either ACH or check for payment. Without internet access, you will receive a ‘farmers choice’ share which will not be customizable – all customization happens online!  [Weekly orders are only available online]

Is there a membership fee?

Not exactly. However, we do reserve $16 ($1 a week) from each share to help cover the costs of packaging, boxes and supplies. So if your share costs $18 per week you receive $17 of veggies. As a small farm purchasing small quantities of boxes, bags, etc. these costs add up! We try to offset this small fee by offering our CSA members our best prices on all our produce.

CSA Terms