How to Customize your Share

Step 1:

Log into the store. 

If you cannot log into the store, please contact the farm so that we can correct your email address or reset your password.

Step 2:

Now that you have logged into the store, please take a look around.  You have veggies displayed, and additional item categories listed to the left.  In the top right is your Cart.  The cart contains everything that the farm put into your box.  The next step is to take a look in your box to see what you have.


Step 3:


When you click on Cart, a drop down screen appears.  Cart lists your current box contents.


Step 4:

By moving your mouse over the item quantity, a + or – symbol will appear.  By clicking the minus sign you can remove things from your cart.  With the plus, you can increase quantity.  To add new items to your box, first remove those you do not want.  Then go to the store and add something that is more appealing.  

You need to monitor your used credits.  Sable River Shares have 34 credits each week; Forest Trail has 52; Nordhouse Dunes has 68.

If you exceed your allotted credits or add items priced in dollars to your share, you will be charged on delivery.


Step 5: 

Click on checkout at the bottom of your cart.  If you do not have a credit card or ACH account on file, you may be prompted to enter one.  Please do so.  You will not be charged unless you exceed your allotted credits or put something into your cart that is priced in dollars.

If you do not checkout, your changes will not be saved. Please contact the farm by phone if you continue to have issues.