Fall Ordering How-To

If you are a CSA member, you do not need to sign-up again, the farm will email you with details when the season ends.  This how-to is for non-CSA members, and is divided into two separate parts, Account Creation and First Time Ordering.

Account Creation

Start by clicking here.  You will be directed to enter your name and account details.

When you do, the screen below will greet you.  Choose how you would like to create your account, with an email address or Facebook.

Important:  Signup is not allowed from 4pm Tuesday until the end of the day on Thursday.  This is because our online store is cyclical on a weekly basis.  The store closes each week during our delivery cycle, and you can only add veggies to your cart from Saturday 8am until 4pm on Tuesday.

Enter your digits, there is an option to add a second contact for the account.  Additional contacts will receive system and farm emails as well.

Choose your pickup location.

You are now able to shop in the store.


All done!  Almost.

Now that you have created your account, the system still needs a payment method.  This can be a credit card, ACH account, or a mailed check (??)

You will be prompted to enter this information when you checkout for the first time.  Our system requires that you have an ACH or credit card on file.  You will be charged for your order the evening after each delivery.

How to Order for the First Time

You should receive an automated email letting your know that the the webstore is open for ordering for the coming week.  The store is open from Saturday at 8am until Tuesday at 4pm.  While we aim to add all inventory on Friday, we usually adjust numbers on noonish Monday before the store closes.

Click here (or the link in your email) and you will be directed to the webstore.

Select the produce that you would like for next Thursday’s delivery.

Click on checkout.

If you have not already done it, you will be directed to add a credit card or ACH account.  Your card will only be debited on weeks where you have an active delivery, and it will be charged the evening after delivery.

For more detail on order customization, click here.

Potential Issues

Order customization, your cart, and adjusting volume.  When you customize you share, the webstore Cart is drop down.  In order to see you cart contents, you must click on ‘Cart’.  Then your screen should look like the example below.  Click on ‘Cart’, and look at your purchases.  By moving the mouse over the quantity on ‘Lettuce, Red Leaf’ you get a +/- options.  Using this, you can remove items or add more of an individual item.  For more detail on this issue, click here.