Please visit the online farmers market to find our veggies. We are not attending farmers markets in 2020.

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Experience the flavor of West Michigan.

We grow a wide and constantly evolving variety of vegetable crops suited for both the growing conditions of northern Michigan and our own standards for taste and flavor. While we enjoy the occasional hip vegetable (purple cauliflower and its ilk), we tend mostly toward functional and flavorful varieties.  We also produce a limited number of culinary herbs and cut flowers for farmers’ markets, florists, special events, and resale.

All of our fields are tilled and amended using only National Organic Program approved materials. We never use herbicides of any kind, and use gentle organic insecticides sparingly, if at all. We know healthy soils produce nutrient-dense food for years to come, and we care for our soil thoughtfully.
What do we Grow?

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“Your vegetables are better than what we get at the Chicago Green Market!”

A Customer • Pentwater Farmers' Market

“Food and health are a passion in our household. I need to know where my food comes from and I exhaust great effort into finding things I feel good about eating. The environment, health, and a sense of community are the fundamentals of survival, all so complexly intertwined. It’s been an unfathomable luxury to have such qualtiy food at a incredible convince. While low prices are wonderful, we would paid double the amount we have this season for the same products. The prodocue and service you folks provide is worth an unmeasurable amount. Honestly, we thank you so very, very much!”

2017 Member

“Thanks for the awesome food!”

Market Customer

“Looking forward to dining on your carrots”

Market Customer