“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” -Buddy the Elf HELLO FROM LRO
** Happy Healthy Holidays ————————————————————
** DECEMBER 14 DELIVERY ———————————————————— Hey ,
Holiday foods … often sugary, often rich and often leave you feeling worse for wear.
I’m ALL about scratch baking and treating my hardworking self to some holiday indulgence, but I also find it helpful to plan some REAL food between the cakes and cookies. (And pies, candies, wine, etc.)
That’s why we’re stoked to extend our ordering season into December – and beyond – this year! Stock up on potatoes, beets, amazing carrots, onions and even a few little green things to make sure your holidays see you eating and feeling awesome. Ordering details below – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
** NEWS & INFO ———————————————————— – We’re deep in discussions about the details of our 2018 Community Supported Agriculture (littleredorganics.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=74062bbf55bd060a4b5928b8a&id=f4b526d880&e=99c2cece81) program. We’re SO excited for improvements, new partners and additions to make it even better than this year! Sign up starts in January – stay tuned!
– January delivery date: TBA, sometime after the week of the 2nd.
Safe and happy holidays, John & Kate
** Ordering DETAILS ————————————————————
** ———————————————————— Alright y’all —> Fancy ordering online is suspended until next June. We’re doing it the old way ūüôā
HOW: 1. Email us at [email protected] ORDERS ARE DUE TUESDAY 12/13 by MIDNIGHT 2. Choose a pick up site for Thursday, December 14: * On Farm 11 am-7pm * Ludington – Lakeshore Resource Network, 10am-6pm * Manistee – Two Slices Cafe, 12pm-6pm
3. Copy items from the list below into your order – please no substitutions or reinventions of wheels. Simply add a quantity to the left of the items that you desire. NOTE: some quantities are limited, so early orders get better selection! 4. We will email you a confirmation. 5. Payment: Check by mail is fine: Little Red Organics 1043 E Free Soil Rd, Free Soil, MI 49411; If you are picking up on-farm or in Ludington we can also accept cash (please notify us in your order if you are paying cash!).
How to Store Veggies (littleredorganics.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=74062bbf55bd060a4b5928b8a&id=b979950ce8&e=99c2cece81)
Whether we have salad and spinach depends greatly on the weather! If it does not get warm enough in the greenhouses to get above freezing, we won’t have any for anyone… but if it does, it will be some of our most tender, sweet greens of the year.
Spinach, super baby, 5.25oz, $5 Lettuce Mix, super baby, 5.25oz, $5
Carrots, Bulk 5lbs, $6.00 Carrots, Bulk 15lbs, 1/2 bushel, $13.00 Beet Root, Golden 5lbs, $10 Beet Root, Golden 10lbs, $20 Beet Root 5lbs, $10 Beet Root 30lbs, $52.50 Carnival Squash, Each, $2.50 Butternut Squash, Each, 4.50 Cabbage, Storage, $3.50ea Cabbage, Storage, 1.11 bushel $24 Black Spanish Radish, each $1, large fall radish, peel and eat. Spicy if eaten in quantity. Shallots, 1lb, $4 Shallots, 3lb, $12 Onions, Yellow, 2.4lb, $3 Fingerlings, Yellow 3lb, $6 Fingerlings, Red 3lb, $6 XL Baking Kennebecs, 3ea, $4.50 Mixed Fingerlings, 3lb, $6 Thyme, Dried Bunch $2.50 Lavender, Loose Flowers, 1oz, $4 Dried Eucalyptus Tree,like diamonds,Priceless
Potato Pricing (non Fingerling) 5lbs, $7.50 25lbs, $28.75
Please select Potato Variety Kennebec, white flesh, white skin, large La Soda, red skin, white flesh, large Desiree, red skin, white flesh German Butterball, yellow skin, yellow/white flesh, smaller

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