CSA is a social and agricultural movement that encourages small farm preservation and profitability by directly linking a local farmer with local community members. Little Red Organics is a busy, busy place in the summer. While we do a number of farmers markets, and grow wholesale crops, our focus is on providing our CSA Members with high quality veggies. Why? Our community members are the backbone of our farm. By purchasing a share in advance of the season, members have made a commitment to supporting the farm for a full season. In return, we give CSA members first choice on seasonal produce.

The Big Questions?

Just like a farmers market, community supported agriculture has its pros and cons.  We have tried to overcome many limitations by using our Member Store to allow for box customization, vacation holds, delivery instructions, and weekly email reminders.  Still, Members are making a commitment to take delivery of produce for 19 weeks of the main growing season.

What does that Commitment Mean?

A Member Needs to be Open and Willing –  CSA can mean a change of routines and menu planning for Members. CSA challenges you to not only try new things, but to use a weekly box in a timely manner. Similarly, CSA is less convenient than heading to the box store at a whim, but our produce is fresher, more flavorful and diverse than any box store.   Some of our best customers are near retirement age and grew up on or around farms.  They learned to cook when they were young, and kohlrabi is to be savored instead of dreaded.  Younger Members are less and less likely to have this foundational experience.  (Neither did John or Kate)  As a new Member, you will need to work at CSA with some intentionality in planning and cooking.

Members Say:

Desire for Locally Grown Produce 89%
Desire to Support a Local Farm 93%
Desire for Fresh Produce 88%

What do you Value?

Do you enjoy trying and experimenting with new foods?

Do you value quality produce that has real flavor?

Does having a relationship to a farm and its farmers have meaning for you?

Does keeping your dollars in the local economy have appeal?

Members Say:

Desire for a Sense of Community 89%
Concern for the Environment 87%
Concern for Farmland Preservation 94%