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Good, clean food. Grown by locals you love and trust. Home delivered by a family-owned business dedicated to making a difference in your community.

Through the online farmers’ market you can find the fresh farm goodies you need, and assist small farms to remain financially viable in these changing times. Through mutual benefit and solidarity in action and dollars, we can all reap the rewards of healthful, local foods supporting the local farm economy.


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On farm pickup and home delivery
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“Food and health are a passion in our household. I need to know where my food comes from and I exhaust great effort into finding things I feel good about eating. The environment, health, and a sense of community are the fundamentals of survival, all so complexly intertwined. It’s been an unfathomable luxury to have such quality food at a incredible convince. The produce and service you folks provide is worth an unmeasurable amount. Honestly, we thank you so very, very much!”

Member Survey • 2017

“I love this program, it’s a brilliant concept! We are thrilled to be eating and trying new things and also supporting a local Free Soil farm, my husband grew up there, we know the farm well and appreciate that we can pick up the items in Ludington where we live now. Great work, can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Member Survey • 2017

“I have loved this experience this year . My boxes we beautiful and we enjoyed all of it. Thursday became my favorite day of the week because we got to pick up our box! I shared the flowers I ordered with others and they were simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the hard work you both do and for offering this to our community! Definitely will sign up again next year.”

Member Survey • 2017

“Keep up the great work! The produce you have supplied me with has been top quality and it is the perfect amount for me to get through in a week.”

Member Survey • 2017

“I thought it was great to be able to modify the weekly share! We have a garden so we could adjust based on what we already had.”

Member Survey • 2017

“I liked being able to choose our own produce each week, it was nice to choose things that I knew my family would eat. But I also knew that if I didn’t get around to customizing the box that we would receive a nice variety of veggies that I could easily incorporate into our meals. The ordering system was easy to navigate from my perspective.”

Member Survey • 2017

“Did the survey and just want to say again how much I appreciate you guys. We have LOVED our CSA and you guys go the extra mile.”

Member Survey • 2017

“We’re so excited for the CSA season to start again!  My kids can’t wait to get the “veggie box” each week.  I am even more excited for the online management- it sounds awesome.

Thanks again for all of your hard work & dedication in providing healthy local food for our family!”

2017 Member

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An online farmers’ market by and for small farms.

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