Why Local?

You can actually meet the farmers!

Little Red Organics resides on a 20-acre farmstead in Free Soil, Michigan. Our desire to live with purpose, health and honesty inspires not only our livelihood, but also the regard we have for the land, animals and people that make up life on the farm.

John has been growing vegetables since 2003, and ran a successful market garden/CSA farm for nine years before heading north to the Michigan coast.

Kate started farming in Vermont in 2008 and worked at farms across the country before settling down in Michigan to start Little Red .

We use only National Organic Program approved methods and applications on our vegetable, fruit and flower crops.

CSA Workshare and Employment

Who is Little Red?

Wanna trade? We offer a limited number of memberships through workshares. Our workshare members exchange their time and labor for a CSA subscription. Workshare members in past seasons have mostly worked in the areas of washing, bagging and packing produce in preparation for CSA delivery. This year we will also be looking for workshare members who are interested in doing field work – these positions will be more physically demanding. A typical workshare shift is 3-4 hours, and workshare members typically work 3-4 days per month, June-Septemberish. Workshares do not include non-LRO produced items or cut flowers.

These positions are vital to our farm operations – please be prepared to commit to a regular schedule. Contact us if you are interested in joining the LRO crew – we have fun!

For 2018: We are hiring! 1-2 part time positions available for individuals who have an interest in farming and some experience working outdoors doing physical labor. Pay and hours based on experience and availability. Please contact us if you have at least 15 hours per week to give June-September.

We also offer internships and employment on the farm for serious individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the practices, systems and ups and downs of a small diversified farm. Please contact us with your interest, a little about yourself and your farming goals.

We decided to use Joel Salatin’s pastured poultry boxes in our first year of chicken production. The pens are moved daily to allow the birds fresh forage, and it takes time for the chickens to learn the routine. One particular chicken got a foot stuck under the moving wooden box and sustained a leg injury. Kate kept him apart from the group for several days for safety, and it became clear his leg would not heal quickly – or maybe at all. In time the young rooster became something of a pet, hopping around the yard on one foot and growing into a beautiful red rooster. Little Red, as he was known by then, joined the laying hen flock, and found a reason to exercise his injured leg. Today, with only a little limp, he enjoys 5 a.m. crowing and coop life, and reminds us of the resiliency of nature.

2019 Workshare Application
2019 Employment Application

“Ultimately, our desire (need) for less expensive food was more than satisfied because of the work share opportunity, which made it seem almost free. We do value organic food and recognize the need to support small farms so they don’t disappear, so we has already made the decision to join the CSA before we knew about the workshare. So it’s hard to put a ranking based on our reasons for joining. Since I’ve explained the reasons here, I am ranking the above according to our values in general. Well, except that children’s health one. We highly value that, but it’s irrelevant to our shopping.”

Member - Worshare 2017

“We had a little miscommunication at home about the box the veggies were in last week.  I set it aside to return and my husband and kids found it while I was working late and thought it would make an excellent rocket ship and then a pirate ship for their barbies in the kiddie pool.  Needless to say, the box did not survive the pool.  They now know that we have to return the veggie box.”

2017 Member

“You guys are the best. Do you know that?”

2017 Member

Thanks for the awesome food!

2017 Member