Woolly Mysteries

What’s this little guy doing? Outside of doing her caterpillar thing, I think she has gotten wise to climate change. The old wives’ tale about these caterpillars and their predictions about the weather seem a little off. Normally the stripes of brown and black are horizontal across their backs, brown being mild weather, with black meaning cold and severe. The vertical stripes make it a little less clear if interpreted in the old school way. So we’re in for a mild mix of insane stinging sleet? Ice storm? Who knows. Perhaps she has changed her stripe pattern as a commentary to the coming presidential election and is predicting continued chaos?

Anyway, summer is still on, but we are thinking fall. We have no choice since our year in farming is planned ten months ahead of time, and crops planted for October and November are seeded as early as February (onions). Outside of a little lettuce and a lot of baby spinach, we’re pretty much finished up with planting for the season (yay!), and we will have a ton of fresh goodies this fall.

We are making all fall CSA shares customizable, and they will be offered to all CSA and market customers! Starting the first week of October we will be delivering to Pentwater, Ludington, and Manistee on Thursdays. We hope to continue through at least the week before Thanksgiving, depending on the weather. We will attach an order form to these amusing(?) newsletters each week and if you would like anything, just fill it out and email it back. Simple.


#2 reds or romas … 20 lbs/$20

Please give preference if you have one.

#2 heirlooms 25 lb case/$32

BASIL: This is ‘pesto’ basil, a little more bug-loved than what we try to bring to markets and CSA. $8/lb. We can throw in one of our HUGE bulbs of garlic with each pound for a total of $10 – just add parmesan!

BEETS: red, bulk, no greens … 10 lbs/$20

BROCCOLI: 8 lbs/$20 (limited quantity)

FOR CSA MEMBERS – we MUST have orders in by 8 pm Wednesday in order for bulk items to arrive with your share box.

MARKET CUSTOMERS – we need orders BEFORE YOUR MARKET. We cannot fulfill bulk orders AT the market – we just don’t bring enough to go around!


Kate, John & Laila
Lots of fall veggies =====>

At market this week!20160829_140844

Salad mix
Cherry tomatoes
Red and white onions
Sweet onions
Brussels sprouts
Hot peppers
Sweet peppers
Potatoes of all kinds
Dragon tongue beans
Haricots verts
Green cabbage
Cipollini onions
Sunflower and pea shoots
Other things we’ve forgotten